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Compliance Forms

An event would not be complete without the required paperwork. Below are some forms that you may need to complete according to the scope of your event. Check out the Terminology section below for more details on each.

Tip: Risk Management Guidelines for Special Events provides specific details that should be considered before planning a large-scale, sponsored event.


CONTRACTS & Purchase orders

Contract: Use a contract for the procurement of services or deliverable goods when you have a complex scope of work with a multitude of deliverables.

Purchase Order: Use a Purchase Order (P.O.) for purchases of deliverable goods, continuing services (e.g., copy machine maintenance) and software licenses, wherein the P.O. Terms and Conditions of Orders will govern the procurement.

Tip: All contracts for hotels and catering with a value over $15,000 require Purchasing Office approval. Schools and departments must submit either three bids or an Exclusive Acquisition Justification (EAJ) request to their Purchasing Office buyer team. Once reviewed, the Purchasing Office will forward approval to the Business Contracts Office. This policy only applies to contracts with external providers. Internal University of Texas Austin units providing these services, such as AT&T Conference Center, Thompson Conference Center, Division of Housing and Foods, and others are exempt from procurement approval. The RFP and bidding process can take several months to complete, so make sure you are planning well in advance if you are working with a large budget.

Tip: The Handbook of Business Procedures is the definitive resource for your questions on University business procedures and fiscal oversight.