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Compliance Forms

An event would not be complete without the required paperwork. Below are some forms that you may need to complete according to the scope of your event. Check out the Terminology section below for more details on each.

Tip: Risk Management Guidelines for Special Events provides specific risk management guidelines that should be considered before planning a sponsored event.


For many event services, including venues, catering, and audio-visual, you will need to obtain a contract from the selected vendor. A Business Contract Review Form should be completed and submitted to the VPCFO’s office for review and signature. See Procedures for Submitting Business Contracts for Review, Approval and Execution for further details.

In addition, the University has specific agreements for the following:

Tip: All contracts for hotels and catering with a value over $15,000 require Purchasing Office approval. Schools and departments must submit either three bids or an Exclusive Acquisition Justification (EAJ) request to their Purchasing Office buyer team. Once reviewed, the Purchasing Office will forward approval to the Business Contracts Office. This policy only applies to contracts with external providers. Internal University of Texas Austin units providing these services, such as AT&T Conference Center, Thompson Conference Center, Division of Housing and Foods, and others are exempt from procurement approval. The RFP and bidding process can take several months to complete, so make sure you are planning well in advance if you are working with a large budget.

Tip: The Handbook of Business Procedures is the definitive resource for your questions on University business procedures and fiscal oversight.



Bid Document

A proposal submitted by a potential vendor offering services; includes approximate costs

Cancellation Clause

Part of a contract that summarizes penalties if cancellation occurs

Change Order

Venue or supplier document that outlines changes in an original agreement

Food Distribution Request

The Food Distribution Request Form was created by the Environmental Health & Safety Department of the University and is required for any event where potentially hazardous foods will be served. Here is a link to what is classified as a potentially hazardous food (PHF). The best practice is to fill out the Food Distribution Request for any event where you will be serving food; make sure you are logged in with your UT EID before trying to access this form

Force Majeure Clause

Part of a contract that limits liability should an unexpected or uncontrollable event occur

Official Occasion Expense Form (OOEF)

The OOEF is required for receptions, luncheons, dinners, or similar events that are sponsored and funded by The University. Submit this completed form to CNS business services as soon as you have your working budget and account number in place. Here is a link to the Entertainment and Official Occasion Expenditure Policy Chart

Request for Information

A preliminary step to a Request for Proposal (RFP), in which a company solicits a number of potential vendors for information about their products and services

Request Exception to Serve Alcohol

The Request Exception to Serve Alcoholic Beverages form is a survey done through Qualtrics and requires a UT EID & password. This form is not required if the event is located at certain venues listed in the Qualtrics survey form: be sure to check to see if your venue is listed. No exception to serve alcohol will be granted if undergraduate students are attending the event

Request for Proposal (RFP) 

A formal request containing detailed specifications to a potential vendor asking for a bid. At UT, an RFP and multiple bids are required for services rendered from external vendors that are valued at $15,000 or more

Request to Sponsor Off-campus Groups (RG750)

This form must be filled out if any non-UT affiliate is invited to an event hosted within a location booked through the Office of the Registrar, primarily General Purpose Classrooms. For further details, click the link above


An amendment to a contract

Special Event Insurance Policy (SEGL)

The University does not carry a liability insurance policy. For this reason, it is essential that UT be added as additionally insured on caterers and other vendor's insurance policies. For particulary complex events, a SEGL may be required. This one-time, event insurance policy protects the Univeristy and the UT System