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Request a Presentation

Building a partnership with UT faculty and staff is very important to us. Our career coaches would be happy to come talk to your class or organization about career related topics!  



  1. We have a limited number of presentations each week; requests will be met on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. We have limited availability after normal business hours.
  3. We require a minimum of 10 students for private presentations.  


FIG Mentor Resources

Here you will find a variety of resources you can use and share with FIG students to help them familiarize themselves with our office while also conducting important career exploration. We suggest you dedicate one week to the topic.

Career Week Presentation 

Some activities and suggestions include:

1.  Play this "How to Use This Website" video for class. This is a great overview of the numerous resources available online and provides instructions on how to contact our office.

2.  Lead FIG students through the True Colors Personality Test activity that you did during FIG Mentor training. Utilize this handout to lead students through this activity.

3.  Show students how to utilize Focus 2. This database houses multiple assessments students can take that will provide them suggestions on different careers and industries that may suit them. Students can also explore different professions without taking the assessments. This guide is a helpful tool in using Focus 2.

4.  Have them sign into and familiarize themselves with Handshake. Students can make appointments with Career Coaches through this system, but can also find out about upcoming events and apply to various job and internship opportunities, as well. Check out Handshake's Getting Started resources here.