Exploration Tools

Career Exploration Guide

Starting the career exploration process can often be the most difficult and confusing step. To ease in, start by reviewing this extensive guide for information on the many resources available to help you plan for your future.

What Can I Do With My Major

"What Can I Do With This Major" is a great place to start exploring the connections between your academic and professional interests.

Employers By Major

Buzzfile.edu is a resource to view which employers have hired students based off their major and within which state they work. It is a great way to get an understanding of what kinds of places hire your major.

Industry and Company Guides

Vault is an extensive database with a wealth of information on various industries, professions and companies. You can search through the system to get a better understanding of what you will need to do to achieve your career goals and what you can expect in those desired roles.

As you solidify your interests and hone in on a particular industry, be sure to evaluate the industry as a whole by asking important questions. Is the industry growing or shrinking? What are typical salaries within this industry? Where is the industry centered? This guide on conducting industry research will help you answer those important questions.

International Career Guide

Interested in working abroad? Going Global is the ultimate resource for students looking to intern and work abroad. With numerous country guides and their own international job board, it has everything you need to know about navigating foreign job markets.

Science Careers

Science Careers offers a wide variety of content designed to assist scientists of all disciplines, backgrounds and experience levels navigate their career path. 

Earnings, Loan, and Debt Info

Given that traditional revenue streams in higher education are declining across the country, and the cost of getting an education is increasing, it is critical for students, along with their families, to make informed decisions about their academic careers. The UT System has developed this website and complementary online tool that provide valuable data about employment earnings for the first five years after graduation, as well as average student loan debt, for graduates by degree major.