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To effectively operate, Career Services has implemented the following policies and procedures as it relates to individual coaching appointments, on-campus interviews and alumni services. If you are ever unclear about these policies, do not hesitate to reach out to our office for further clarification. 

Current Students

Coaching Appointment Cancellations

Students are asked to make every effort to cancel their coaching appointment with as much notice as possible. With over 12,000 undergraduate students in the College of Natural Sciences, Career Services aims to serve every student and appointments cancelled late prevent other students from utilizing our resources. As such, students are only allowed to make three (3) late cancellations (defined as within 24 hours of the appointment) without penalty. Students that exceed that number of late cancellations will be temporarily barred from making future appointments until they have met with a Career Coach to discuss the pattern of behavior. It is at the discretion of Career Services whether or not to allow students to continue to make appointments and students with excessive late cancellations could be permanently prohibited from individual coaching appointments.

Coaching Appointment No-Shows

As in the professional world, it is unacceptable to not show up for an appointment or meeting that you have scheduled. Career Services insists that students make every possible effort to cancel an appointment in advance. No-show appointments will count against a student’s allowable late cancellations and an excess of three (3) no-shows will also result in temporary prohibition of a student’s ability to make coaching appointments. Any student that has been temporarily barred will be required to meet with a Career Coach before they are able to make appointments again. It is at the discretion of Career Services whether or not to allow students to continue to make appointments and students with excessive no-shows could be permanently prohibited from individual coaching appointments. In the case of an emergency, if you have a legitimate reason for missing your appointment, or if our records are incorrect, please contact our office immediately.

Mock Interview Policies

Given that our mock interview appointments are an hour long, as opposed to our typical 30 minute appointments, students are only allowed two (2) per semester. Students are encouraged to save their interviews for when they have an actual interview coming up and they should review our interview preparation materials in advance of their mock interview appointment(s) so as to get the most out of their appointment.

On-campus Interview Cancellations or No-Shows

Career Services requires that you give 24-hour notice to our office via email (cnsrecruit@austin.utexas.edu) or by phone (512-471-6700) if you must cancel or miss a scheduled interview. See our Recruiting Q&As for additional information. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you send a letter of apology to the recruiter whose interview was missed. 
In the case of an emergency, if you have a legitimate reason for missing the interview, or if our records are incorrect, please contact our office immediately.  Should you still be interested in interviewing with the employer, we can help you get in contact with the interviewer to handle the situation in a professional manner. Please note the companies are not required to offer you a second chance to interview and may bar students who miss their first interview from interviewing for any other positions within the company.  
Finally, if you have another no-show for an interview scheduled through our office, you will lose your on-campus interviewing privileges.  Your Handshake account will be blocked, and you will be required to meet with a Career Coach in order to resume interviews.



During the first 2 weeks of the semester our appointments are reserved for currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Natural Sciences and students who graduated within six months. Other alumni of the College of Natural Sciences are more than welcome to make appointments after this time period.

Career Services are available to all students and alumni of the UT College of Natural Sciences. However, as Natural Sciences Career Coaching is funded through student fees, current students and recent graduates are our primary clients. Services include Career Fairs, access to our online job board (Handshake), on-campus interviews, workshops, resource library, and limited appointments with career coaches.

Recent Graduates

Recent College of Natural Sciences graduates have full access to all services, including scheduling appointments with career coaches, for a full calendar year after their date of graduation. These graduates will receive the same services as current students.

Established Alumni

Alumni more than one year beyond their graduation date have access to the following services and resources:

  • Job Board: Handshake, the UT Austin job board, offers internship and full-time opportunities with employers seeking to hire UT Austin students and alumni.
  • Career Fairs: The Technology and Science Career Fair takes place every fall and spring semester.  Alumni must bring a government-issued ID and a copy of their resume for admission.  View the complete list of career fairs open to alumni.
  • Events and Workshops: Alumni are welcome to attend certain workshops and presentations offered throughout the year.  A list of events available to alumni can be found in Handshake.
  • Resources Libraries: Information about career exploration, job search, resume/cover letter writing, interviewing, and more can be found on our student services page.

For information on meeting with a career coach, please visit the Texas Exes Career Services.



Parents are a critical part of a student’s academic, professional and of course, personal support system. Career Services encourages parents to actively support their students throughout the many stages of their professional development. However, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restricts our office from releasing any information from a student's education record to parents without written permission from the student. Further, it is the policy of this office not to allow parents into individual coaching appointments, even if the student agrees.