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Read about our 2021 Aspire Award Recipients here. 


Arinzechukwu Nwagbata          Staff and Faculty Choice Award
Briana Ortiz Staff and Faculty Choice Award
Dora Gurfinkel Staff and Faculty Choice Award
Ashley Ikwuagwu Research Excellence Award
Delisa Ramos Research Excellence Award
Luis Rivera Research Excellence Award
Zacharias Escalantes Research Excellence Award
Briana Ortiz Leadership and Service Award
Danielle Maldonado Leadership and Service Award
Eloise Taha Leadership and Service Award
Brianna Middleton Inspire Award
Diana Canas Inspire Award
Promise Ufomadu Inspire Award
Jose Ochoa Community Engagement Award
Mya Mitchell Community Engagement Award
Athena Owirodu Dean's Choice Award
Marquis Ware Dean's Choice Award



Chineye  Emeghara Inspire Award
Jose Ochoa Inspire Award
Devin Williams Inspire Award
Sara Garcia Professor's Choice Award
Cullins Nwaogu Professor's Choice Award
Michael Owolabi Professor's Choice Award
Jacqueline Gibson Dean's Choice Award
Briana  Ortiz Dean's Choice Award
Kayla Eboreime Dean's Choice Award
Edwin Umanzor Research Excellence Award
Alegria Martinez Research Excellence Award
Isabel  Cachola Research Excellence Award
Emmanuel Rayas Leadership and Service Award
Valorie Marks Leadership and Service Award
Obiageliaku  Okafor Leadership and Service Award



Juan Acosta Inspire Award
David Aghado Inspire Award
Jose Aguilar Leadership and Service Award
Courtney Austin Impact Award
Rodolfo C. Rodriguez Research Excellence Award
Jenelle Estrada Professor's Choice Award
Taylor Gulley Professor's Choice Award
Elizabeth Gutierrez Research Excellence Award
Ashlie Martinez Research Excellence Award
Monica N. Jimenez Inspire Award
Rachel Obimah Leadership and Service Award
Jesus Palos Resilience Award
Sofia Rojas Ruiz Professor's Choice Award
Marquis Ware Leadership and Service Award



Timothy Bediako Research Excellence Award
Janelle Chavez Leadership and Service Award
Joe Espinoza Jr. Research Excellence Award
Joe Espinoza Jr. Professor's Choice Award
Fatima Frausto Inspire Award
Jacqueline Gibson Leadership and Service Award
Shadhi Mansoori Leadership and Service Award
Ravyn Middleton Professor's Choice Award
Daniel Moran Professor's Choice Award
Sofia Rojas Research Excellence Award
Tony Sampson Leadership and Service Award
Celia Valles Research Excellence Award
Celia Valles Professor's Choice Award



Sarina Acevedo Research Excellence Award
Tahtiana Caldwell Professor's Choice Award
Manuel Diaz Leadership and Service Award
Francisco Dominguez Professor's Choice Award
Ciara Espinoza Leadership and Service Award
Alejandro Gutierrez Research Excellence Award
Kadron Johnson Inspire Award
Patricio Lankenau Research Excellence Award
Ashlie Martinez Professor's Choice Award
Christianah Ogunleye Professor's Choice Award
Monika Pyarali Research Excellence Award
Claudia Samaniego Leadership and Service Award
Inemesit Utin Leadership and Service Award


Alexander Beltran Research Excellence Award
Gerardo Carrion Inspire Award
Korbin Evans Leadership and Service Award
Rigo Gutierrez Leadership and Service Award
Jamal Ojeaga Research Excellence Award
Ashly Okoli Professor's Choice Award
Jennifer Perez Leadership and Service Award
Ramiro Rodriguez Leadership and Service Award
Magaly Solis-Baeza Professor's Choice Award
Luis Valencia Research Excellence Award
Oscar Villarreal Professor's Choice Award
Rachel Walker Professor's Choice Award


Francesca Aloisio Research Excellence Award
Ashley Armenta Leadership and Service Award
KayOnda Bayo Leadership and Service Award
Rachel Concha Professor's Choice Award
Jesus De La O Research Excellence Award
Vivian Esparza Leadership and Service Award
Tomas Gonzalez Professor's Choice Award
Brenden Herrera Research Excellence Award
Carlos Ortiz Inspire Award
Esther Osuji Professor's Choice Award


Ruth Ackah Professor's Choice Award
Santiago Benavides Research Excellence Award
Mignote Chamiso Research Excellence Award
Manuel Diaz Professor's Choice Award
Prissilla Escobar Leadership and Service Award
Maty Gil Leadership and Service Award
Juan Herrejon Leadership and Service Award
Trevon Jones Professor's Choice Award
Joshua Moore Research Excellence Award
Damilola Olatayo Inspire Award


Aditi Allen Leadership and Service Award
Julio Flores Leadership and Service Award
Ricardo Garza Jr. Professor's Choice Award
Juan Herrejon Leadership and Service Award
Melanie Molina Inspire Award
Joshua Moore Research Excellence Award
Kenechukwu Nwankwo Professor's Choice Award
Christy Portales Research Excellence Award
Jada Uzosike Research Excellence Award
Virginia Velez Professor's Choice Award




For more than a decade, the Aspire Awards have provided an occasion for faculty, staff and students to come together in order to celebrate undergraduate leaders in Natural Sciences. The event recognizes especially those students from populations currently underrepresented in the sciences as a means to:

  • Honor the achievements of excellent individual undergraduates, who are making a mark in research, service and leadership; and

  • Recognize groups of students who foster support and encouragement within their communities through networking, mentorship and peer support.

Held in the spring, the event is a collaboration between the college's Office of Undergraduate Education and the student-led Black and Latinx Advocacy Council. 


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Student Leadership:

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