These tips may help ease your registration concerns. 

  • The on-line course schedules come out in October for Spring registration, and in March for Fall and Summer registration. 
  • If you are unable to get an advising appointment prior to your registration time, then register using your degree audit. You can verify your course selection during your next advising meeting. Remember schedules are not set in stone and can be adjusted during adds and drops.
  • The closer it is to registration, the fewer advising appointments are available. You can email your advisor with a "quick" question, but during busy times, you may not get a "quick" response!  Your advisor will respond to your email as soon as possible, but will give priority to students with advising appointments.
  • Only current students assigned to BAC will be seen for advising during peak registration periods.
  • Each semester, high demand biology courses and labs are restricted to accommodate the needs of graduating seniors. Refer to the Restricted Biology Course List for courses that are typically restricted to biology majors. Please note that courses are similarly restricted during the summer, although less so than during the fall and spring. As registration proceeds, some restrictions may be lifted. Be sure you meet the prerequisites so you aren't dropped!
  • Advisors can not add you to closed courses, but you can add yourself to the waitlist. Each department has a different procedure; in Biology, you can be added from the waitlist up through the 4th class day. Be sure to attend the class you want to add and let your advisor know if you "have to have" a particular course if you are a graduating senior!
  • Your registration is complete once payment has been received. Even if your tuition bill is Zero, you have to confirm your schedule.
  •  How To Use The Wait List