What is Neuroscience?


Neuroscience, the study of the nervous system, advances our understanding of human thought, emotion, and behavior. Neuroscience is a diverse field that draws on expertise from numerous disciplines, including biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, and psychology.  A Neuroscience degree at University of Texas at Austin provides students with rigorous, multidisciplinary training that can serve as a foundation for a career in this growing field.

The program of study includes foundational courses in core sciences and a three-course specialization in one of six areas: biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, or psychology. The program emphasizes the acquisition of quantitative and statistical competence and will provide meaningful hands-on laboratory experiences with expert faculty and cutting-edge techniques, including intracellular electrophysiological recording, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), live cell imaging using two-photon microscopy, human psychophysics, and molecular genetics. 

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Promotion to Major

All CNS students are required to meet entry-level requirements prior to declaring a specific degree and major option. In order to meet entry-level requirements, all entry-level courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better and maintain good standing in CNS.  All students promoted from entry-level will be placed in the Bachelor of Science and Arts in Neuroscience.  Students interested in the Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience will be required to apply.




Neuroscience M 408C M 408N or M 408K
  CH 301/302 CH 301H/302H
  BIO 311C/D BIO 315H or NEU330/335

Degrees Offered

Neuroscience Degrees 
Catalog Catalog Catalog Catalog
BSA                                                                   2014-16 N/A N/A N/A
BS Opt I: Neuroscience 2014-16 2012-14 N/A N/A
BS Opt II: Neuroscience Honors   N/A N/A N/A

Course Descriptions

For a detailed list of course descriptions: Neuroscience Course Descriptions 


1. How to get started with research: Getting Started

2. How to get registered for research for academic credit:

  • Secure a research position in a lab
  • Pick-up course registration form from front desk, NHB 2.606
  • Return completed form with appropriate signatures to NHB 2.606 by the fourth class day
  • Submit petition for maximum hours (if registering for over 17 credit hours)
  • A maximum of 6 credit hours from all areas of research can be used for a letter grade



For a list of approved NEU 377 Faculty: Neuroscience Faculty

      *petition process