Things You Need to Know

Students are considered “Entry-Level” in biology until the following courses are completed with grades of at least C- or better:  

semester 1 - M 408C or M 408N, CH 301 and BIO 311C

semester 2 - CH 302 & BIO 311D

semester 3 - BIO 325  This course is a prerequisite for all upper division Biology courses

To change to “Entry-Level Biology” or to add it as a second major, contact the First-Year Advising Center at 471-4536. They are located in W.C. Hogg 1.106. If you are a student in another college, then you will need to change colleges to, or add, Natural Sciences by completing a form in the First-Year Advising Center. 

Changing your major as a junior or senior may delay your graduation plans. Depending on your career goals, you may opt to complete a minor in biology instead (minimum of 12 hours - at least 6 of which are upper division).

Some Biology courses and labs are restricted to students in specific Biology options. (See the restricted course lists on the BAC website.) Restrictions and enforced prerequisites help eligible students get the courses they need to graduate.

Register as best you can while “Entry-Level”. Your advisor can suggest options so you stay on track for graduation. Pay your tuition bill on time so you can adjust your schedule during adds/drops.

Due to the time commitment of the workload, no more than 9 – 10 hours of science coursework with no more than 2 labs per semester are recommended.

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