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New Employees


Biology Instructional Office Administrative Contact Information

Janice Fischer

Director of Biology Instructional Office

(512) 232-3690


NHB 2.642

Greg Browning

Administrative Manager

(512) 232-7073


NHB 2.632


Lauren Crowe

Financial Manager

(512) 232-2713


NHB 2.648


Laura V. Evans

Administrative Associate

(512) 471-1147


NHB 2.644

Aletha Irby

Senior Administrative Associate

(512) 232-7963


NHB 2.630

Angela Kizzee

Senior Procurement Officer

(512) 232-6438


NHB 2.646



UT Austin New Employee Checklist

1. New Employee Welcome and Orientation — If you're benefits eligible, we strongly recommend that you attend New Employee Welcome and Orientation on your first day of employment in order to complete many items on this checklist. You may register yourself for this course, which is available in UTLearn (EID required). 

To register: 

    • Use the search feature in the upper right corner.
    • Type in "New employee" 

    • Select "PN 1000 - New Employee Welcome and Orientation"

    • Select the session you'd like to attend and click "Request"


2. ID Card and EID — You can get your ID card at orientation or at the ID Center, located on the first floor of the FAC. Bring proof of identity (government issued ID with your picture), to get your ID card and upgrade your UT Electronic Identification (EID). This step is very important. You'll need to upgrade your EID before you can access most online services for employees.

3. Payroll Information — Complete My Paycheck Profile online. You will need an upgraded EID and information from your UT ID card to complete this online form.

4. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) — You must complete this electronic form no later than your first work day. You will be required to present original documents from the List of Acceptable Documents to prove your identity and authorization to work in the United States. Information from your documents will be submitted to the federal E-Verify system for verification. Please contact your hiring department if you have not been told where to bring your documents. If you receive an email with the subject line, Electronic I-9 Shuttle Request, please follow the instructions to complete the employee section of the form.

5. Criminal Background Check Request – You should have received an email requesting electronic authorization to conduct a background check. If you have not received the email or completed the background check request, please contact your hiring department.

6. Acknowledge the Ethics Statement* — Read and acknowledge the Standards of Conduct and Political Activities online (EID required).

7. UT System Worker’s Compensation Insurance Health Care Network Notification – Read and acknowledge theWorker’s Compensation Network Acknowledgement Form online (EID required).

8. Health Insurance Marketplace Notice – The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to provide this notice to all employees about the option to shop in the Marketplace (also known as the “exchange”). More information about ACA and UT Select is available on the OEB website.

9. Selective Service Eligibility — If you're a male between the ages of 18 and 25, complete the Selective Service Eligibility and Verification online. For more information, see the Selective Service Registration Frequently Asked Questions page.

10. Conflicts of Interest Policy — Read both the policy and the statute of law concerning conflicts of interest within three business days.  For additional information please visit the Provost Office's Conflict of Interest webpage.

11. Outside Employment — If you are working for another employer, you must complete an outside employment form and gain proper approval. If you are an exempt employee, prior approvals need to be completed through the portal: Outside Activity Portal 5-2011 If you are unsure about your status under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) check one of your individual time reports on the electronic timesheet system and look at your FLSA status.

12. Employee Information* — Complete your employee biographical information and your veteran status information online.


Your First Week

1. Insurance Coverage — Review the New Employee Benefits Enrollment Checklist for details about how to complete your enrollment. You must make your insurance elections online during your Initial Benefits Enrollment period, which is the first 31 calendar days of employment. If you do not make elections and you are a full-time employee, you will default to the Basic Coverage only. If you are a part-time employee, you will forfeit insurance coverage altogether if elections are not made.

2. Compliance Training — Begin your compliance training. This training must be completed within your first 30 days of employment. For alternate methods of taking the training, call the compliance training coordinator at 512-232-7842.

3. Read and acknowledge the Compliance and Ethics Guide [PDF]. After reviewing all sections of the Guide, advance to the Acknowledgment Page where you will record your agreement to act in accordance with UT Austin’s requirements for ethical conduct.

4. Acceptable Use Policy — Acknowledge the Information Resources Acceptable Use and Security Policy Agreement.

5. Supervisor Meeting — Talk with your supervisor about your job description, performance expectations, probationary period, and performance evaluation.

6. Keys — Pick up your key(s) at the Locks and Keys office located in the Service Building. Remember to take the key request form given to you by your department and your ID card.

7. Parking Permit — Visit the Parking and Transportation website for information about parking on campus. If you don't plan to commute by car, check out alternative transportation options.

8. Prior State Service — If you have worked for any other State of Texas agency or public university, print a Transfer of State Service [PDF] form and and fax it to Human Resources. Read more about prior state service transfer.

9. Timesheets — Complete your timesheets online in the Time Report System. Talk to your supervisor, if you are unable to access your timesheet.

10. Nonresident Aliens — Please be sure you have completed your GLACIER record. You should receive your login instructions via the UT Secure Message System within two weeks of beginning employment. Send the forms generated from GLACIER and required immigration documents to Payroll Services.




1. Insurance Coverage — Make sure you’ve reviewed the New Employee Benefits Enrollment Checklist and made your elections online within the first 31 calendar days of your employment.

2. Compliance Training — Make sure you've completed your compliance training.




Purchasing and Reimbursement

 There are 4 options for ordering class & office materials:

  1. Submit a Purchase Order to Angela Kizzee via BIOPO
  2. Create a shopping cart and assign it to Angela Kizzee via UT Market
  3. Purchase online or in person with your official procurement card
  4. Purchase online or in person with your personal credit card and submit the following to Angela Kizzee for reimbursement within 30 days:


Maintenance and Service Requests



Keys, Keycard Access, and Locknetics

Requests for access to buildings using the Proximity Access system should be sent to the appropriate building manager:


BME Proximity Access Bobby Knight

Office: BME 3.314A

Email: bmknight@mail.utexas.edu

Phone: (512) 921-0334

           (512) 471-7908

MBB Building Proximity Access Butch Cunningham

Office: MBB 2.404

Email: butch.cunningham@austin.utexas.edu

Phone: (512) 232-4315

NHB Building Proximity Access

Cory Konieczny

Office: NHB 1.404

Email: cory.konieczny@austin.utexas.edu

Phone: (512) 769-0448

NMS Building Proximity Access Dwaine Benson

Office: PAT 302

Email: dwaine.benson@austin.utexas.edu

Phone: (512) 232-2178, URGENT: (979) 218-1012


Physical Key Requests: Fill out the Physical Key Request Form and email it  laura.evans@utexas.edu for an authorized signature. Once approved, bring the signed form to Locks and Keys located at 304 E. 24th St.


Locknetics:  Fill out the Locknetics Request Form and email it laura.evans@utexas.edu. Please allow up to 5 business days for programming. You will receive a confirmation email when programming has been completed.

*Note: If your lockentics use proximity, please submit the proximity code on the back of your UT ID.


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