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Congratulations to Our 2017 Teaching Assistant Award Winners! 


On Monday, May 8th, 2017 the Biology Instructional Office held its annual Teaching Assistant (TA) Award ceremony. Out of over 200 TA positions appointed during the past year, we had 27 TAs nominated for this honor, but could choose only 12 to win the award. The list below includes all of the nominees. Winners are indicated by *.

We would like to thank these TAs, both the award winners and those nominated, for being outstanding teaching assistants. TAs are an integral part of the teaching experience and you have gone above and beyond what has been asked of you. Thank you!

2017 TA Award Nominees

Winners indicated by *

TA Name

Grad Program


Class Number

Atsumi Ando Plant Biology Inder Saxena  BIO 325
Christina Balentine Ecology, Evolution, Behavior Sata Sathasivan BIO 311C
Evan Bettis* Specialist Jan Machart  BIO 365S
Heath Burton Kinesiology Ian Cheng  BIO 365S
Alex Cantu* Pharmacy Anita Latham  BIO 311C
Jesse Cohn Cell & Molecular Biology Nigel Atkinson  BIO 325
Kiki Crawford* Kinesiology Ian Cheng  BIO 365S
Andreas George Specialist Jorge Tovar Diaz  NEU 365L
John Giacona* Biology (BSA) Tina Hines  BIO 446L
Amelia Hall Microbiology Suzanne Barth  BIO 361L
Craig Handley* Specialist Jen Moon  BIO 325
Dania Hussein Biochemistry (BSA) Sata Sathasivan  BIO 311C
Albina Khasanova Ecology, Evolution, Behavior Laura Gonzalez  BIO 373
Stephanie Lapierre* Kinesiology Jan Machart  BIO 165U
Fengyan Lu Specialist Inder Saxena  BIO 325
Eryn Pynes Biology (BS) Blinda McClelland  BIO 311D
Christopher Riley* Biochemistry Gail Grabner  BCH 369
Soroosh Sadeh Kinesiology Tina Hines  BIO 446L
Maximilan Sherard* STEM Ed Lisa Boucher  BIO 311D
Hardiha Shivram Cell and Molecular Biology Scott Stevens  BIO 344
Christopher Torres Ecology, Evolution, Behavior Blinda McClelland  BIO 478L
Charles Traverse Microbiology Rasika Harshey  BIO 326R
Kelsey Tseng* Biology (BSA) Jan Machart  BIO 365S
Brittney Voigt* Specialist Marty Maas  BIO 206L
Drew Wagner* Biochemistry Gwen Stovall  BCH 339F
Gayani Weeraratne* Plant Biology Stan Roux  BIO 328D
Lindsey Wilken Neuroscience (BS) George Pollak  NEU330



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