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21st Century Education: Undergraduate Education


To advance a vision of graduates who will change the world, the 21st Century Undergraduate Education Working Group created a plan for modernizing degree programs, providing educational experiences that leverage best practices in teaching and learning, and ensure excellence in teaching. The college’s vision for undergraduate education embraces ways to help all students develop deep understandings of core scientific and mathematical principles, as well as habits that help them to learn independently, to reason systematically and quantitatively, to communicate and collaborate effectively, and to apply what they learn creatively.

Toward this end, the College is planning for learning spaces, curricular approaches, professional development, departmental initiatives, and evaluative approaches that support a student-centered approach to undergraduate education.

Key Goals:

  • Modernize degree plans.
  • Provide educational experiences that leverage research on effective STEM teaching and learning. 

Affiliated initiatives implemented to date:

  • Under guidance of STEM Instruction Consultants, each department is defining essential skills and critical concepts needed for each degree.
  • Map outcomes of degree-required courses accordingly for each degree.
  • Incorporate and expand experiential education into CNS courses
  • TIDES Workshops for instructional development
      • Experiential learning
      • Incorporating innovative teaching techniques into your curriculum