Ensuring Community Belonging

A note on themes of welcome and belonging interwoven in our strategic plan.

Being a welcoming community is a priority. We aim to be a place where students, faculty and staff of many backgrounds get to experience belonging, where they find opportunities to thrive and where being treated with respect and dignity is a given. 

2020 Action Plan

Working together on a variety of fronts to promote a college climate that treats every person with dignity, respect and care; improving transparency through dedicated efforts related to institutional accountability; and better addressing the needs of groups sometimes marginalized in the sciences were among the recommendations at the center of a 2020 college action plan that preceded the college strategic plan. Related themes were later woven into the college plan, published in spring 2022. These efforts focused on:

  • Representation, recruitment and retention to ensure our college supports its people effectively;
  • Belonging, including improvements to the climate so community members feel safe, supported, included and seen at multiple levels in Natural Sciences; and 
  • Transparency, through evaluation and assessment, data availability, data-informed decision-making and organizational accountability.

Questions, thoughts and concerns about this or other parts of the college’s strategic plan, may be directed to Senior Assistant Dean Melissa Taylor: Melissa.Taylor@cns.utexas.edu.