Students in the College of Natural Sciences have incredible opportunities to distinguish themselves through combinations of research, honors opportunities and international study through college programs and their degree plans.

The Office for Honors, Research and International Study (OHRIS) seeks to promote, integrate and provide resources for these initiatives in support of our students, our faculty and the mission of The University of Texas at Austin. OHRIS also administers the Freshman Research Initiative, which provides early research experience to over 500 students each year.

Many of these programs overlap significantly with each other and students can customize their experiences to fit their talents and goals. For example, our research students can receive honors commendations for their theses upon graduation, our Honors Programs require significant research experiences, and our students studying abroad are connected with international researchers.

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Beckham, Josh
Josh T Beckham
Freshman Research Initiative Assistant Director, Faculty and External Relations, Specialist

Campitelli, Brandon
Brandon E Campitelli
Postdoctoral Fellow

Choy, Grace
Grace Choy

Clark, Gregory
Gregory B Clark
research scientist, Senior Lecturer

Covert, Arthur
Ghanem, Eman
Eman Ghanem
Freshman Research Initiative Assistant Director, Student Experience, Specialist

Gonzales, Lynda
Lynda Gonzales
Assistant Director

Gonzalez, Antonio
Hatlestad, Gregory J
Lehman, Joel
Joel A Lehman

Leonetti, Matteo
Matteo Leonetti

MacKrell, Albert
Montogomery, Michael
Michael H Montgomery
Research Scientist, Lecturer

Nava, Suzette
Suzette E Nava
Event Coordinator

Palmer, Gregory
Procko, Kristen
Riedel, Timothy
Rodenbusch, Stacia
Stacia E Rodenbusch
Freshman Research Initiative Assistant Director, Operations, Specialist

Sandy, Moriah
Moriah M Sandy

Stovall, Gwen