Now that you have been admitted to the University of Texas and College of Natural Sciences, you are required to complete the following eight steps to College Readiness:

All incoming first-year students are required to attend orientation. The link can be found here: Register for Orientation

You were emailed an orientation survey in early May. Complete this survey to assist our staff with planning your orientation sessions.  The link can be found here

The Orientation Survey must be completed by May 15. 

ALEKS Math is an online math assessment required for all incoming students. The link can be found here: ALEKS Math Assessment.

ALEKS Chemistry is required of all students who will be taking CH301 in Fall 2014. The link can be found here: ALEKS Chemistry Assessment

The initial ALEKS Math Assessment must be completed by May 30th at 11:59 pm. We recommend that you complete the initial ALEKS Chemistry Assessment before your orientation.

* If you are an Astronomy/Computer Science/Math/SSC or HDFS major, you may not need to take CH301 your first semester and therefore are not required to complete ALEKS Chemistry. If you are unsure whether or not you will take CH301 in the fall, do not purchase the ALEKS Chemistry assessment until after orientation. No refunds will be issued.

All incoming CNS students are assigned a summer mentor. Your mentor will contact you by May 18 and serve as your guide through the ALEKS and College Readiness programs, in addition to answering other questions you have about UT and Natural Sciences. The link to find your mentor can be found here: Meet your mentor

At orientation, you will learn more about UT, the College of Natural Sciences, and your future major. Orientation provides you with the opportunity to meet faculty, advisors, mentors, and other students (and register for classes).

In addition to completing the online math assessment, ALEKS, all CNS students are required to take an in-classroom assessment during orientation.

Come to UT before the start of school and attend an Intensive Workshop to meet your peers, learn from your professors and get a head start on CNS courses. (Optional, but recommended.) The link to sign up can be found here: CNS Intensive Workshop

Gone to Texas is the annual campus party that kicks off the new academic year. At Gone to Texas we have student organizations, bands, and food. It will be held the evening of Tuesday, August 27 - the day before fall classes begin. The link to find out more information about GTT can be found here: Gone to Texas!

13 Rules to Succeed:

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