The College of Natural Sciences Strategic Research Initiatives office works with teams of college faculty to identify, develop, acquire and manage multi-investigator center grants and institutional training grants from external funding agencies.

Strategic Research Initiatives also represents the college’s interests in cross-college and university-level matters related to research funding, such as managing limited-submission proposal processes, fostering cooperation in cross-college pursuits of major funding, and establishing policies for grant-related issues.

Strategic Research Initiatives is directed by Dr. Jennifer Lyon. For more information about how Strategic Research Initiatives can help you secure your next major center grant, please visit the links below or contact Jennifer to schedule a meeting at your convenience. 



CNS Catalyst Grant Winners Announced!

Strategic Research Initiatives is pleased to announce the winning teams for our inaugural CNS Catalyst Grant competition

The proposals we received included several that involved collaborations between CNS faculty and other colleges/schools. The proposals were ranked and evaluated by a team of faculty peers. With additional financial support generously contributed by the Cockrell School of Engineering and College of Liberal Arts Deans, we are able to support two promising and meritorious projects:

Spatial Organization of the Microbiome in Health and Disease (Marvin Whiteley, Andy Ellington (Molecular Biosciences); Nancy Moran, Howard Ochman (Integrative Biology); Jason Shear (Chemistry))

Development of Transformative Tracking and Mapping Instrumentation for Tracking, Mapping and Identifying Camouflage and Navigation Strategies in Dynamic, Complex Environments (Molly Cummings (Integrative Biology); Todd Humphreys (Aerospace Engineering); Bill Geisler (Psychology))

The next CNS Catalyst Grant competition will be announced in Fall 2014. Look for an updated RFP this fall by following the button on this page (top right).



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