Why present at the Undergraduate Research Forum
Co-sponsored by SURGe

Location/Time: TBD

Faculty members share their perspective on the importance of scientific communication, including posters and students who have presented posters share their experience, advice and perspective.

Poster Design Workshops
There are a number of Poster Design Workshops given through the semester by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Dates for Spring 2014

Designing A Research Poster:
• Feb 18 at 11am
• Feb 28 at 10am
• Mar 4 at 11am
• Mar 4 at 3:30pm
• Mar 18 at 2pm
• Mar 19 at 4pm
• Mar 20 at 10am
• Mar 24 at 11am
• Mar 27 at 2pm
• Mar 31 at 2pm
• Apr 1 at 11am

Using PowerPoint for Research Posters:
• Mar 6 at 3:30pm
• Mar 21 at 1pm
• Mar 27 at 1pm
• Apr 2 at 11am

Presenting Your Research Poster:
• Apr 4 at 10am
• Apr 8 at 3:30pm
• Apr 9 at 3pm
• Apr 10 at 10am

For more information about these workshops and to register, please click HERE.

Documents from past URF workshops

The Office for Research and International Study is also available to do in-class versions of these workshops for interested faculty. Contact us if you're interested.