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The Health Professions Office provides several different events, Q&A sessions and panels each semester. Each spring we hold the Health Professions Fair. Check the CNS CalendarHPO Facebook page, for all events that are sponsored by the Health Professions Office.

Medical & Dental Interview Q&A Session Thu   - 08/21/2014 2-3pm WEL 2.308
Medical & Dental Interview Q&A Session Wed  - 09/04/2014 4-5pm BUR 108
Medical & Dental Interview Q&A Session Mon  - 09/15/2014 1-2pm WEL 2.304
Ted Talk - Topic TBD Wed  - 10/01/2014 12-1pm PAI 5.03
HP Session: Getting Involved- Shadowing/Volunteering Tue   - 10/07/2014 5-6pm  WEL 1.316
Ted Talk - Topic TBD Wed  - 10/22/2014 12-1pm PAI 5.03
Pharmacy Interview Q&A Session Wed  - 10/29/2014 5-6pm WEL 2.308
HP Session: Plan Your Summer Wed  - 11/05/2014 5-6pm WEL 2.308
Personal Statement Q&A Session Fri     - 11/07/2014 12-1pm GEA 105
Ted Talk - Topic TBD Wed  - 11/12/2014 12-1pm PAI 5.03
HP Session: Pre-Match / Match Mon   - 11/17/2014 2-3pm BUR 208

We encourage you to RSVP*, everyone is welcome! So click the link above and fill out a survey to RSVP, please. If you did not RSVP you may still come and see if seats are open as we do often have seats still available. 

HP Information Sessions

Health Professions Information Sessions will be presented several times from mid-September through October so we can welcome and orient new Pre-Health Longhorns to the pre-health professions experience and the HPO services here at UT Austin. 

Fri-   09/19/2014             1  - 2PM               FAC 21  
Thu- 09/25/2014   5  - 6PM             WEL 1.308
Thu- 10/16/2014 4  - 5PM             GEA 105 
Wed-10/22/2014   5 -  6PM            WEL 1.308

HP Presentation Topics

Personal Statements

The Health Professions Office offers Personal Statement Q&A Sessions are designed to give you the tools you need to start your essay. They are offered to help you get started planning and writing your essays for health profession school applications.  For coaching on writing your application essays, please contact the Undergraduate Writing Center

Interviewing For Professional School

It's Interview Season for Health Professional Schools! You've passed the first hurdle. Now, be prepared! This session will provide tips for surviving---and thriving in---the interview process for health professional schools. Aimed at juniors and seniors currently in the 2014-2015 Admissions Cycle for Medical/Dental. We will also offer a Pharmacy Interview Q&A session in the Spring. If you are in a different health profession and want to practice your interviewing skills please schedule an individual pre-health professions mock interview with a Pre-Health Professions Coach. Check out the interviewing resources page. 


Gearing up to apply to a health professions school? Then this is the workshop for you! We will guide you through this daunting process and provide you tips and techniques on getting you through.