The Career Design Center provides several different events, workshops, and panels each semester.  Check the CNS Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and ScienceWorks for all events that are sponsored by the Career Design Center for up-to-date information, changes, and descriptons. We look forward to seeing you!


Spring 2014 Events 

 1/21/14  Resumania    12p-5p    Gates Atrium
 1/21/14  Resume Basics Presentation- Sponsored by Rackspace    530p     NHB 1.720
 1/22/14  Resumania      11a-4p    WEL Main Hallway
 1/23/14  Walk-In Resume Reviews      11a-4p     PAI 5.03 
 1/28/14  Career Fair Prep Presentation-Sponsored by USAA     530p    WEL 1.308
 1/30/14  Spring 2014 Career Fair    1p-6p     Frank Erwin Center 
 2/4/14  Interview Prep Presentation     530p    NHB 1.720
 3/19/14  Resume Workshop    530p    WEL 2.304
 3/25/14  Job Search 101 Presentation    530p    PAI 3.02
 4/2/14  LinkedIn Workshop    530p    WEL 2.256 

Please RSVP by clicking the link for each event.  Most events include refreshments.


Description of Events

Career Design Center staff will provide quick, 15-minute resume reviews at each noted location.  All CNS majors are welcome and we request that you bring a hard copy of your resume with you.

Walk-In Resume Day:
Career Design Center staff, along with select employers, will provide quick, 15-minute resume reviews in our office.  All CNS majors are welcome and we request that you bring a hard copy of your resume with you.

Resume Basics Presentation- Sponsored by Rackspace:
Come to this presentation-style event and learn how to create a tailored resume for your job/internship search or graduate school application.  Even if you already have a resume, this event will still benefit you.  Whether you are creating a resume for the first time or improving an existing one, this event can help you.  Don't miss this opportunity!  Refreshments will be served! 

Career Fair Prep Presentation- Sponsored by USAA
This interactive presentation is sponsored by USAA and will provide you with an overview of what to expect at a career fair, how to best prepare before you go, and how to create a strategy for maximizing your time at the fair. Pizza will be served!

Spring 2014 Career Fair:
Approximately 100-120 employers are generally in attendance, seeking candidates for full-time, part-time, and internship positions.  Please visit our Career Fair page to learn more about who is coming and what positions they are seeking to fill.

Interview Prep Presentation:
This presentation gives students information on how to prepare for all stages of the job interview: before, during and after.  Students can also gain an insider’s perspective and learn about employer likes and pet peeves when it comes to interviewing.  Refreshments will be served!