Inspire: Career Exploration Videos

Do you remember what it was like when you chose your major at UT but really didn’t understand how it would help you in the real world? Plenty of students in the College of Natural Sciences ask themselves this every day. Use your insights as alumni to participate in a fun, creative, short video where you are the lead in teaching students about what you did with your degree after college. No matter where your path led you, even to a place you had never dreamed, share your stories to spark innovation and creativity in our students. Help current students learn about your career path and how your major in college affected your future decisions. We invite all Natural Sciences Alumni to create a short video of raw footage of just you, the camera, and your career path from UT to NOW. Let your webcam become the discovery tool our students need!

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Share: Company Day Visits 

Invite UT students for a one day visit to your company to explore and gain valuable information in order to build your brand on our campus. What better way for students to learn about a company, its culture and values, and a glimpse of what it’s like to work there than to spend a day immersed in it? Company Day Visits allow students to connect with your company by spending a day as an insider, shadowing to learn more than they could by researching your company online or talking to a recruiter at a career fair. Providing students with tours, meeting fellow employees, creating action-oriented activities, or talking to them about what you do is the perfect way to bridge the gap between university and industry, and get our students to think about their future with you. Connect with our students on a different level, and introduce them to experiences that will empower them to manage their future success. Company Day Visits are non-recruiting events and are designed to let you choose how large or small of a group of students you would like to host, and most often happen during winter and summer breaks. Invite our students to spend a day with your company TODAY!

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Develop: Mentor

Put the knowledge and skills you have gained in your career to great use – sign up to mentor a Natural Sciences student today! Share your valuable expertise, experiences, and advice with a student to help them explore new career paths and opportunities. Typical mentoring activities include informational interviews, regular one on one meetings, networking assistance, resume reviews, and interview preparation assistance. As a mentor, you decide how many student mentees you are available to assist, how often you are able to meet with them, and the areas in which you are comfortable providing guidance. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with current students and the College of Natural Sciences!

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Participate: Panelists

Are you excited about your current career, and the path that has led you there? Do you like talking with others about your experiences, and offering advice? Then consider volunteering to sit on an alumni panel where you will have opportunity to speak with current students about career related topics. These occur at various times throughout the semester, so let us know that you are interested and we will keep you informed of upcoming panel opportunities. This is a great way to connect with students, answer their questions on a variety of topics, and share your experiences!

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Lead: Small Cohorts

Would you like to serve as the professional leader of a small cohort within an undergraduate course? Consider volunteering to serve as a Professional Cohort Leader for NSC 109 Your Future as a Scientist. Cohort student members are divided into small groups based on STEM interests. Professional Cohort Leaders with similar interests meet in class every three weeks with their student cohort during the semester, share professional and career experiences during these class meetings, and provide insight and professional career advice for students searching for the perfect fit in a STEM field. Lead a class cohort and inspire future STEM professionals!

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More Outreach Opportunities

Explore various outreach opportunities in our departments by visiting the departmental sites below.